Generally, dogs are sweet and friendly. However, when dog owners do not take the proper precautions based on their dog’s demeanor, dog attacks become far more likely.

If you’re here because you’ve been injured in the dog attack, let us first say that we are deeply sorry for the pain you are going through, both mental and physical.

Michael Beliz is a Long Beach dog bite lawyer with significant experience handling dog attack cases throughout California.

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Understanding dog owner liability in California

Long Beach dog owners can be held under two theories of liability from their dog causing injuries.

The first theory is strict liability where a dog owner can be held responsible for the harm their dog causes, no matter how carefully the owner guards or restrains their dog [1].  Basically, the law states that there is no free bite.

To prove a dog bite case under strict liability, the following four elements must be established [2]:

  1. The defendant owns the dog;
  2. The dog bite happened in a public place or you were lawfully on private property;
  3. You were hurt;
  4. You were hurt by the dog.


Under the second theory, negligence, a dog owner may be held liable if he or she fails to use a reasonable standard of care to prevent harm or injuries.

A Long Beach dog bite lawyer like Micheal Beliz can assist you during the legal procedures of claiming personal injury damages against a dog owner. Remember to choose a lawyer who deals only in personal injury cases and that has a history of working on dog bites cases.

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