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Buses are an important method of transportation in Southern California. From school buses to public buses and charter trips, countless people rely on bus transportation to get them where they need to go. Many of these buses carry a lot of passengers and do not have seatbelts. In the event of an accident, the results can be catastrophic. If you or someone you love sustained injuries in a bus accident, you have legal rights. Speak with a bus accident lawyer in Long Beach at Beliz Law Firm to learn more.

We understand how terrifying a bus accident can be for injured victims. Understandably, you might not know who to file a claim with, how to find the right doctors, or how to get compensation for your injuries. Contact us to schedule a consultation so we can protect your rights.

Case Spotlight

$90,000.00 Settlement amount
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The Beliz Law Firm obtained a $90,000 settlement on behalf of a 67-year old grandmother. The client was stopped in her vehicle at the intersection of Muller Street and Lincoln Avenue in the Anaheim. While the client waited for the signal light to turn from red to green, a driver of a sedan was traveling at a speed of 60 miles per hour in an attempt to make a dentist appointment.

The driver realized too late that there was a stopped vehicle ahead and was unable to slow down the sedan in time. The sedan rear-ended the client’s vehicle and pushed it into the car ahead. The client’s vehicle was totaled.

The client was taken by ambulance to the University of California, Irvine hospital. The client was diagnosed with a non-surgical fracture to the sternum. The client stayed under the care of medical personal for a few days. Afterward, the client presented to her primary care physician for follow-up visits once a month for three months for the aches in her chest but no physical therapy was needed.

The Beliz Law signed the grandmother and filed a lawsuit against the negligent driver. After getting useful information about the driver through discovery and the defense of the client’s deposition, the case went to mediation and settled for $90,000.00.

Common Causes of Bus Accidents

Bus accidents can happen for any number of reasons. However, we see some causes more often than others. Some actions that can lead to a bus accident include: 

  • Bus driver negligence, such as distracted driving;
  • Bus company negligence;
  • Bus drivers being fatigued while behind the wheel;
  • Another driver’s negligence;
  • Bus catching on fire;
  • Speeding or other traffic violations;
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • Hazardous road conditions; 
  • Inadequate training;
  • Failing to properly screen bus drivers;
  • Improper loading;
  • Adverse weather; and
  • Mechanical issues with the bus. 

It’s not uncommon to have multiple causes that lead to an accident. Perhaps a driver was under the influence of prescription medication and speeding in the rain. A bus accident doesn’t mean the bus driver is always at fault, either. Other drivers can be distracted or careless too. Perhaps a car is driving in the bus’s blind spot, cuts the bus off, or is trying to pass on a one-lane road. 

Identifying all potentially responsible parties is crucial for you to get all the compensation you are eligible to receive. You need a skilled Long Beach bus accident law firm to represent you and conduct a thorough investigation of your accident. 

Potential Injuries in a Bus Accident 

Injuries in bus accidents are often catastrophic because occupants aren’t wearing seatbelts. Buses are also at risk of tipping over in a collision. Some of the more common injuries we represent injured victims for include the following: 

  • Traumatic brain injuries;
  • Internal bleeding;
  • Whiplash;
  • Spinal injuries, including paralysis;
  • Broken and fractured bones;
  • Torn or sprained ligaments;
  • Severed or crushed limbs;
  • Burns and lacerations;
  • Herniated discs;
  • Chest injuries; and
  • Death

Any of these injuries can result in a lengthy recovery period with the possibility of permanent damage. Our experienced legal team will fight for you and help you get the compensation you deserve. 

Proving Liability in a Bus Accident Claim 

To successfully recover compensation, you must prove the defendant is liable for your injuries. In a standard negligence claim, you must meet the following four criteria:

  • The defendant must have owed you a legal duty;
  • The defendant breached their legal duty in some manner;
  • The defendant’s breach of duty is what caused your injuries; and
  • You must have suffered damages, such as medical expenses or lost wages. 

If you were a passenger on the bus, you were likely not responsible for the accident. However, if you were driving a vehicle that collided with a bus, you might be partially at fault. In California, you don’t need to prove the defendant was 100% at fault to collect compensation. That’s because California is a pure comparative negligence state. Under this law, you can be partially at fault and still collect some compensation. However, the money you receive will be reduced by your percentage of fault. For example, if you’re 25% at fault, you can receive up to 75% of your damages. If you’re 75% at fault, you can receive up to 25% of your damages. 

What to Do Following a Bus Accident

Immediately after a bus accident, it’s likely that someone has already called for police and emergency services, but if not, you should contact the police. Be sure to give your contact information and get the police report information

If you are not transported to the hospital from the accident scene, it’s imperative to seek medical treatment right away—even if you don’t think your injuries are serious. You might have internal injuries that aren’t visible. 

We highly recommend hiring a bus accident attorney in Long Beach to represent you. Bus accident claims are complicated, and you need a skilled lawyer who has experience handling bus accident claims. There are likely multiple defendants and complex legal questions that must be resolved. Trying to represent yourself in a bus accident claim could result in a lower settlement amount. 

You need to report the claim to the proper insurance companies. However, you should not speak with the insurance adjusters or consent to give a recorded statement without talking to an attorney first. The insurance adjusters will try to make you believe they are concerned about your well-being and recovery. However, their only concern is reducing or eliminating any potential liability against their insured policyholder. 

Potential Compensation in a Bus Accident

Compensation will vary depending on the accident circumstances. In general, recoverable damages in a personal injury claim includes:

  • Medical expenses, including future expected costs;
  • Lost wages;
  • Loss of earning capacity;
  • Property damage;
  • Disability and disfigurement;
  • Pain and suffering; 
  • Mental anguish; and
  • Loss of consortium. 

Your attorney will explain the types of compensation you’re entitled to receive and how we calculate your case value. 

How a Long Beach Bus Accident Attorney Can Assist You 

When you retain Beliz Law Firm to represent you, we will be there for you every step of the way. We know how to build a strong case against the responsible parties, which includes gathering all evidence to support your demand for compensation. Your attorney will also handle all communication with the insurance companies and their lawyers. That includes handling all negotiations on your behalf. You won’t need to worry about inadvertently saying something that could jeopardize your case. 

A lawyer will also know all of the legal deadlines your claim has to meet. For example, if your claim involves a city bus, you will be filing a claim against the government. In that case, you might only have six months from the accident date to file a claim. Should you miss that deadline, you could lose your right to recover compensation. You must also file a lawsuit in the proper California court before the statute of limitations expires. In most situations, you typically have two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. An experienced lawyer can help you protect your rights by making sure your claim complies with important deadlines. 

Contact a Bus Accident Lawyer in Long Beach 

Don’t jeopardize your potential compensation by not having a legal advocate on your side. We have years of experience representing victims injured in bus accidents. Let us protect your rights and help you recover the compensation you deserve. Please contact Beliz Law Firm to schedule an appointment.

What Else Should You Look For In A Long Beach Bus Accident Attorney?

When you’re looking for the best legal representation for your personal injury case, you want to find someone you can trust.

An easy way to tell if you’ve found a great attorney is by reading reviews. Past client’s experiences say a lot about the lawyer. The Beliz Law Firm is proud to have many happy clients. We’ve also got a 5-star rating on Google!
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