What to do when a dog bites you If you’re attacked by a dog there are some crucial, specific steps that you ought to take to ensure your safety and your protect your legal interests. So if you’re wondering what to do when a dog bites you, we’ve got you covered.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Call 911

The first step after a dog attack is to call 911 so the police and/or the animal control department can get control of the dog. Having the dog help in getting the proper information onto the report and for any personal injury claim.

In addition to controlling the dog, calling emergency personnel will take down a report, which is critically for any claim. Therefore, you want to describe the incident to the authorities.

An animal control report will state what took place and where it where the incident took place. It will have information on the type of dog and on the owner of the dog if they can find that information immediately. It will also have information about the injuries sustained. Finally, the report may state the deposition of the dog and what may happen to it.

Step 2: Determine the owner of the dog

The next step is to find out the owner of the dog. This is a critical step because the dog’s owner is responsible for any injuries sustained in the attack.

Step 3: Assess your injuries

A person can suffer serious injuries from a dog attack. Puncture wounds to the skin are the most common types of injuries. Puncture wounds of the skin may cause significant bleeding.

You need to assess any wounds, cuts, and bleeding from the dog attack to determine if you need immediate medical attention or can you wait to see a doctor.

Step 4: Go see a medical provider for treatment and evaluation

The fourth step is to go seek a medical provider for evaluation and treatment to your injuries. Medical professionals will treat the dog bite like a typical wound. They will clean it out and for more severe bites, they’ll use sutures. Needle shots are not uncommon for rabies, in addition to medication for antibiotics and pain.

Step 5: Take photos

With almost everyone owning a smartphone it is easy for someone to document the attack. Taking photos of the scene, the dog, and injuries will help out with a potential personal injury claim.

Step 6: Speak to a lawyer

You will also want to contact a reputable personal injury lawyer who has experience with dog bite cases. Long Beach dog bite lawyer Michael Beliz provides free case reviews, so give him a call today.