How A Long Beach Truck Accident Attorney Can Help You

A skilled truck accident lawyer can help after a serious crash.

truck accident lawyer

When a semi-truck collides within another vehicle the results are often devastating. If you’ve lived through a collision with a commercial truck, you’ve likely suffered serious, life-altering injuries. Your entire focus at this time needs to be on healing.

The Beliz Law Firm’s purpose is to take care of everything else.

When lead attorney Michael Beliz takes on your truck accident case, he will handle everything from start to finish so that you can focus on getting well. This includes investigating the circumstances surrounding the collision, negotiating with the insurance companies, and, if necessary, filing a lawsuit and taking your case to trial. Michael works on a contingency fee basis meaning that you owe him nothing until he recovers money for you.

If you’re ready to share your story, please contact Long Beach truck accident attorney Michael Beliz now at (562) 452-3772 or complete the short form at the bottom of this page. Michael will listen to the details of your case and give you his qualified opinion of your case’s viability.



Promptly call and report the truck-related collision to the police and your auto insurance company.


Exchange contact and auto insurance information with the truck driver by using The Beliz Law Firm’s Accident Fill-out Form. If applicable, you may be able to bring an action against the owner of the truck and/or the driver’s employer.


Photograph the big-rig, truck, 18-wheeler, or semi-truck’s property damage. Also document and take pictures of your vehicle’s property damage, the scene of the accident, debris from the vehicles involved in the collision, tire skid marks, etc.


Speak to any and all witnesses who may have seen the accident. Take down their names, phone numbers, and addresses. An independent witness may help determine who is at fault in a disputed truck liability case.


Do Not Talk! You are not legally obligated to speak to the other party or the other party’s auto insurance company. Anything you say regarding the accident or your injuries may be used against you in a potential personal injury case. Only speak to your personal injury attorney.


Promptly seek medical attention for your injuries. Many truck accident injuries, including serious ones, do not occur immediately.


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Trucks, big-rigs, 18-wheelers, and semi-trucks are commonplace on highways and roadways. Due to their size and weight, trucks can create more force and therefore more damage in an impact than a standard motor vehicle. This force can cause more serious injuries and even death.

  • Medical expenses for injuries suffered
  • Future medical bills for injuries suffered, including physical therapy and surgery
  • Loss of earnings and loss of future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive Damages

Truck Accident Case Study

Case type: Motorcycle v. Truck Accident
Settlement amount: $6,015,000.00

The Beliz Law Firm settled a case for a client that was involved with a motorcycle versus truck accident. The client was riding as a passenger on the back of a motorcycle. The motorcycle rider and the client were traveling along a single lane roadway in Orange County, California.

They entered a right turn lane when a driver in a work truck took a right turn through the turn lane from the single lane roadway and crashed into the motorcycle. The client suffered major physical body injuries that included fractures to the client’s ribs, shoulder, back, hip and ankle. The initial traffic collision report by law enforcement stated that the cause of the collision was due to the negligence of the motorcyclist.

The Beliz Law Firm was retained days after the collision. Investigators and experts were hired to determine the speed of the motorcycle and the positioning of the vehicles on the roadway. The Beliz Law Firm retained an orthopedic surgeon, a neurosurgeon, a plastic surgeon and a pain management doctor to deal with the client’s physical injuries and pains. After leaving the hospital, an in-home physical therapist was brought in to start the client’s road to recovery.

Eventually, the client gained the strength to present to an outpatient physical therapy program. The lawsuit against the truck company and motorcyclist was filed within ninety days of the collision. Depositions of the truck driver, motorcyclist, and witnesses showed negligence on the part of the trucking company. An animation video was produced that detailed how the collision took place. A Power Point presentation was made that showed every injury and surgery that the client received.

The case marched towards a trial date. Expert depositions were taken that revealed to the truck company the scope of the current and future medical needs of the client. The truck company requested mediation. After a full day of negotiating, all parties came to an agreement.

The Beliz Law Firm settled the client’s case for $6,015,000.00.

When searching for a Long Beach truck accident attorney, choose an attorney who specializes in truck accident cases and has a track record of getting great results for his clients. An attorney who specializes in truck accident cases will provide you with a greater probability for success.