When you become involved in a collision with a large truck

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in Southern California that results in serious personal injuries and significant property damage, you are likely wondering: will I have to file a trucking accident lawsuit? Before you try to decide on your own about the best way to proceed with your case, it is important to work with a California truck accident lawyer who can tell you about your options. In addition, you may be able to receive compensation through an insurance claim, but it also may be necessary to file a lawsuit to receive the compensation you deserve.

We will tell you a bit more about the process and how truck accident claims typically work. No matter what, it is important to reach out to a truck accident attorney as soon as possible. Under California law, you will likely have only two years and as little as six months from the date of the accident to file your claim.

Contacting the Insurance Company and Negotiating a Settlement

If you become injured by a large truck, a semi-truck, or an 18-wheeler in California, it is likely that you sustained severe and debilitating injuries. In addition, you may have suffered massive property damage. Also, it is important to report the accident to your own auto insurance company after the collision. However, you should recognize that even your own insurance company may be only able to assist you in the property damage part of your case and not your injuries.

While you should report the accident immediately to your insurance company and answer basic fact-based questions. Your California truck accident lawyer can assist you with your medical issues, and handle negotiations with your insurance company, and with the trucking company’s insurer, on your behalf.

It may be possible to negotiate a settlement with the help of your attorney in the claim stage.  However, if your injuries are serious, you may need to file a trucking accident lawsuit.

Filing Your Lawsuit with the Help of a Long Beach Accident Lawyer

If you do need to file a trucking accident lawsuit, this may mean that you will need to understand it may take some time to get compensation through a settlement. Your truck accident lawyer can discuss options with you for filing a claim against the responsible party.

Which may be any of the following depending upon the specific facts of your case:

  • Truck driver;
  • Trucking company;
  • Truck owner;
  • Truck loader;
  • Manufacturer of a truck part;
  • Designer of a truck part; or
  • Mechanic who improperly serviced the truck.

You may be able to name multiple defendants in your lawsuit. In many cases, even trucking accident lawsuits get settled before a trial, and plaintiffs receive the compensation.

Contact a California Truck Accident Attorney

Your California trucking accident attorney can help with every step of the process. We can ensure that you become treated fairly by the insurance company present the best possible case if you need to turn to a trucking accident lawsuit.

Contact the Beliz Law Firm today for more information or to get started on your case.

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