What Happens If You Get Hit by a FedEx Truck in California

What happens if you get hit by a FedEx truck depends on the circumstances, and the next steps you take can play an essential role in your ability to recover physically and financially from the accident. 

Typically, the initial step is to report the accident to the local police and seek medical care. Then you or the driver of the vehicle you were in should file a claim with the insurance company. Contacting an experienced personal injury attorney is likewise important to help you to identify and protect your legal rights. The lawyer can perform extensive research to determine what parties are at fault for your accident and the appropriate course of action to maximize your chance of receiving a fair damages award. 

The Beliz Law Firm has over 15 years of experience helping accident victims fight for their rights. We understand the unique laws involved when a large company such as FedEx causes a collision and are unafraid of standing up to them on behalf of injury victims.

What Happens If You Get Hit by a FedEx Truck?

For those wondering what to do after an accident with a FedEx truck, there are several important steps you can take to protect yourself or preserve your right to file a claim.

Report the Accident

California law requires most drivers in a crash to report the car accident to the authorities if the collision results in injury, death, or property damage. Where possible, drivers should also exchange information with each other and get the names and contact information of the passengers and any witnesses. California law may also require you to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles about the accident within 10 days

If you are in a car hit by a FedEx truck, you might also ask the truck driver for their employer’s information and note the truck or fleet number on their vehicle. Also ask if they are an independent contractor or if they work directly with FedEx. You can use this information to determine who is responsible for your damages. 

Go to the Doctor

Seek medical attention after the wreck, even if you don’t feel injured. Many injuries don’t fully appear until hours or days after the accident because they are masked by the overall stress of the crash. Doctors can examine you and determine if you have any injuries to attend to, helping to limit the chance that your condition will worsen. 

File an Insurance Claim

The next step is to file a claim with the insurance company that covers the car you were in during the collision. When communicating with the insurance agents, keep in mind that they work for the insurer, not you or the driver. Thus, they may be looking for holes in your story and ways to avoid paying out compensation. 

As much as you can, avoid making admissions of any fault and stick with the facts necessary to convey what happened. Before signing anything you receive from the insurance company, talk to an attorney and ask them to review it to make sure you do not inadvertently waive critical legal rights. 

Contact an Attorney

An attorney can help level the playing field and fight for your rights when FedEx refuses to pay compensation or admit fault. A truck accident lawyer is there to protect and assist you in filing a claim and can handle the legal aspects of the accident on your behalf. They also leverage their experience and knowledge of the law to calculate and negotiate a fair settlement amount. 

My Car Was Hit by a FedEx Truck. Who Can I Contact at FedEx?

You can contact the customer service line at FedEx if you are in an accident. Where appropriate, you may instead want to communicate with the direct supervisor of the FedEx driver who caused the collision. For help with this step, it may be best to contact an attorney. They can talk to FedEx on your behalf to minimize the potential for conflict and work to reach an amicable solution that serves your best interests. They can also advocate for your rights in court to help ensure your voice is heard. 

I Got Hit by a FedEx Truck. What Compensation Can I Receive?

If you suffered an injury in an accident with a FedEx vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation to cover the cost of your hospital bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. California law allows victims to pursue a financial settlement to address injuries and property damage associated with an accident. A personal injury attorney can review your case and help you understand what compensation you may be entitled to under your unique circumstances. 

The Beliz Law Firm: Truck Accident Attorneys Serving California

FedEx truck accidents can cause significant damage to you and your vehicle. You can help alleviate the financial burden of the accident by pursuing damages against the at-fault parties. An attorney at the Beliz Law Firm can help with this process. Over his 15+ years practicing law, Michael Beliz has helped clients recover millions in compensation. He is a fierce and knowledgeable advocate for the injured. If you were hit by a FedEx truck, contact our office today to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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