Truck accidents have a greater potential to cause serious damages and injuries. The sheer size of the vehicles, especially when compared to passenger cars, makes the impact that much harder. The collision may initially leave you in a shocked state. However, it is imperative to take steps to keep yourself safe and ensure you’ll be compensated for your injuries.

What are the most important steps to take after a tractor trailer accident:

  1. Call 911 – You need emergency medical services and police to get to the scene as quickly as possible. Emergency medical services will help with your injuries. The police or highway patrol will investigate the scene and create a traffic collision report. The report will include information on the drivers, any statements made at the scene, the condition of the roadway, and a reason for the crash. When serious injuries result from a crash, it is common for investigators to photograph the scene.
  2. Get Medical Attention – Injuries from truck accidents can be severe. For this reason, individuals involved in the crash should seek medical attention. Paramedics at the scene of the crash will often treat injured individuals and transport them to the hospital. Medical treatment can also happen after you leave the accident site by going to the emergency room, urgent care or making an appointment with your primary care physician. Regardless of where you treat, it should happen as soon as possible. You want a medical professional to perform an examination of your present pains and complaints; in addition, the exam may find unseen ones like a brain injury, internal bleeding or spinal damages. Seeking medical attention will document your injuries with a healthcare professional, which will help you prove damages in your case against the trucking company.
  3. Preserve Evidence – Most of us carry smartphones these days, so make use of yours after the accident. Assuming your injuries aren’t too serious, survey the scene and take photos of the property damage, the location, and anything else that may be important to your case.
  4. Take Care of Your Car – After a trucking accident, you need to determine if your vehicle is drivable. If it is inoperable or unsafe to be on the road, you will need to get the car towed to a storage facility. Call your auto insurance promptly to mitigate any costs involved. If you are able to drive away from the scene, call your insurance company so they may take photos and send the vehicle out to an auto body shop for an estimate and the possibility of repairs.
  5. Hire a Truck Accident Attorney Dealing with an insurance company can be quite difficult. Oftentimes, they will offer you far less compensation than you demand. Hiring an experienced truck accident lawyer will protect your interests. They’ll send out spoliation letters to the truck company to make sure they preserve the truck involved in the accident. They will also help in the hiring of investigators and experts to thoroughly examine your case and ensure you receive full compensation.

Wrapping Up

By following these steps after an accident, you make it easier to pursue compensation for injuries you suffer. Remember to keep your calm and make a full assessment of the situation before acting. For a free consultation, reach out to truck accident attorney Michael Beliz today.