A pedestrian accident can leave you in critical condition. Since a pedestrian lacks protection from a vehicle, this type of accident can result in a severe injury like fractures to the extremities, a disability, and even death.

hit by car while walking

As an injured pedestrian accident victim, you can seek monetary compensation for your damages if the driver was at fault for the accident. Just like you would do if you had been hit while driving your own car, remain calm and gather as much evidence as you can in the moments following the accident. No matter what, always put your health and safety first. But be aware that a pedestrian accident lawyer may be able to help significantly.

If you Need Emergency Medical Care, Call 911

The sheer force of a one-ton vehicle versus a 150-pound person can cause a tremendous amount of serious injuries in the person. Therefore it is not unusual after a pedestrian accident for emergency medical providers to arrive at the scene. If the injuries are severe, you may be taken by ambulance to the local emergency room.

However, even if an ambulance was not called to the scene, you still may want to seek medical attention afterward. It is not unusual for pains to your body to come along hours or even days after a collision.

Prompt medical care can mean the difference between an easy recovery and a difficult one, or even life and death.

File an Accident Report with the Police

Call local law enforcement and have an officer sent to the scene. Once he or she arrives, fill out a police report that details your information, what happened, when it happened, and any other relevant details like speeds and distances. This report will be an important piece of evidence to support your claim.

Get the Information of the Car Driver

Take down the driver’s contact and insurance information. If you file a personal injury claim, you will file it with his or her insurance provider. At this point, also take photographs of the collision scene and your injuries. These, too, will support your claim. If there are witnesses to the accident, take down their contact information as well.

If the Driver Did Not Stop, Try to Remember All the Details you Can About It

When a car keeps driving after hitting a pedestrian or another vehicle, the victim may be able to file a hit and run claim. If you can locate the driver, you can file a claim with his or her insurance provider. In your police report, note the vehicle’s make, model, color, and license plate number. The more details you can provide, the easier it will be for the officer handling the report to help you locate the driver.

Due to the quickness of the collision and your injuries, you may not be able to make out the vehicle’s details. You may still seek compensation for your damages through a hit and run claim with your own uninsured motorist coverage.

Work with an Experienced Long Beach Car Accident Lawyer

If you were walking on a sidewalk, on a street, or in a crosswalk and hit by a vehicle, contact an experienced car accident lawyer to discuss your options for pursuing monetary compensation for your damages. This compensation could come from a personal injury claim with the driver or a claim using your uninsured motorist coverage. Contact The Beliz Law Firm today to schedule your free case evaluation in our office. Call us at 562-452-3772 to speak with Michael today.

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