Before you hire an attorney to represent you for your auto accident claim, you should schedule a free consultation. Nearly all auto accident lawyers offer cost-free consultations, in which you can ask the attorney any questions that you may have about the claim process, as well as his or her experience in car accident accident lawyer free consultation

It is important that you enter your free consultation prepared. Here are a few things that you should expect during your initial meeting–

Expect to Talk About the Details of Your Crash and Your Injuries

It can be emotional to talk about the details of your crash, your medical treatment, and any injuries from which you are still suffering. However, during a free consultation with a car accident lawyer, talking about the details is critical. You should be prepared to not only talk about the specifics of the collision and your injuries but also to provide documents or evidence related to your case like a traffic collision report, your auto insurance declaration page, medical records and photos of the property damage to your vehicle.

Remember, the details of your consultation are completely confidential, and you should feel comfortable relaying facts in your consultation.

Expect to Ask Questions

Our attorney will provide you with time to ask any questions that you may have. It is important that you ask questions relevant to your case. In addition, you want to get information about the attorney because you want to work with someone who is experienced and successful in his or her profession. Some questions to ask include:

  • How many years have you been practicing car accident law?
  • What percentage of your work is in personal injury law? In auto accident law?
  • What is your educational background?
  • Are you a member of The State Bar of California?
  • How do you charge your clients? How much will I owe you?
  • Do I have to pay for the costs of my case?

You should also ask questions that are specific to your case, such as:

  • What are the steps in the claim process?
  • free consultation with lawyer

  • How long will my case take to settle?
  • What is my auto accident claim worth?
  • Can you refer me to medical providers for my injuries?
  • Can you help me resolve the property damage to my car?
  • Why is hiring an attorney in my best interest?

Expect to Wait a Few Days Before Making a Decision

At the conclusion of your auto accident lawyer free consultation, you are under no obligation to hire the attorney right then, or even at all. In fact, you should take a couple of days to think about what you want to do next, understanding that pursuing a claim is a big commitment. In many cases, the attorney may also want to review the details of your claim before he or she agrees to take it on. If for some reason the attorney is unable to handle your claim, he or she may be able to refer you to another, experienced legal professional.

Schedule Your California Auto Accident Lawyer Free Consultation Today

At the Beliz Law Firm, our Long Beach auto accident attorneys know that when you are injured in a car crash, you want answers. We provide confidential, free consultations to those in Long Beach, Westminster, and the rest of California.We give you an opportunity to get some of the information you need. If you are ready to learn more, please contact us today. We provide after-hours and weekend consultations and are available to take your call 24 hours a day. Reach us now online or at 562-452-3772.

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Michael A. Beliz, Esq., established The Beliz Law Firm in the spring of 2011.  Michael has been a practicing attorney since 2006 and worked for two of the most prominent plaintiff’s personal injury law firms in Southern California.  He has worked on and handled hundreds of cases as an attorney in all types of personal injury cases, including vehicle accidents, pedestrian accidents and dog bites, and successfully recovered millions of dollars for his clients.

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