Don’t Get Frustrated By the Insurance Company After a Truck Accident

Working with the insurance company after a truck accident will be a bit different from a car accident. Unless a driver is working at the time of the collision, you will most likely be dealing with one insurance policy in a passenger vehicle accident. Usually, the insurance coverage is under the driver and/or owner of the vehicle. This insurance will be the primary payee for any type of compensation.

Insurance for professional truckers works differently, though. There is a possibility that the driver maintains his own coverage, but the owner of the truck, who might not be the driver, may also have a separate policy. In addition, there may be separate owners for the tractor and trailer. The owner of the cargo may also have a policy to address. There may be indemnity contracts between the parties to cover for potential losses and damages. This typically means an investigation will ensue to determine which parties are responsible for the accident.

Due to the increased risk of damages and serious injuries, commercial trucking insurance coverage is significantly higher than standard auto insurance. The minimum insurance policy requirements in California are 15,000/30,000. The policy will cover each person involved in the collision for up to $15,000. The total coverage cannot exceed $30,000. Commercial truck policies, on the other hand, must carry at least $75,000 in coverage.

Since injuries are more severe and truck insurance policies are so much higher in terms of coverage, the insurance companies will review cases with even more scrutiny than they do standard car crashes. Truck accident investigations are frequently long and require extensive participation by experts.

Contact an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

In summation, you are dealing with multiple layers of insurance companies and contracts, the coverage is greater than in normal cases, and truck accident cases often come with heightened review from the insurer. The increased attention makes truck accident cases more complex. To ensure your best interests are protected, hire an experienced truck accident attorney. Reach out today for a free consultation with Michael Beliz.