Car manufacturers and even gadget device companies are constantly focused on making driving safer for us. It seems like each year there is a new feature or product that can make things easier for drivers. The next time you are out looking for a new car, it would be a good idea to look for some of these features.

Since staying up to date on the latest tech gadgets and car safety features isn’t that easy, we’re going to help out. We’ve put together a list of features and products that can help keep you safe while you’re behind the wheel.


It is way to connect devices through the air like a cell phone and a car. Bluetooth allows for hands-free calling either through a wireless headset or through the car itself. This is the most common use for the device. However, there are other uses for Bluetooth. Bluetooth will help a driver use voice commands to operate the contact list in the phone, switching songs or asking for directions. Using Bluetooth allows a driver to keep his or her hands on the steering wheel.

Vehicle Stability Control

Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) is a safety feature when a vehicle skids. When you’re cornering or you make a sudden emergency steering action, your vehicle may slip sideways and lose control. VSC works by correcting steering and cutting power to the vehicle, keeping you safely on the road.
Run-flat Tires – A flat tire, especially a blowout, can send you spinning out of control and cause an accident. Run-flat tires circumvent the issue altogether. Not only do you not risk the accident, but also you won’t even have to pull over and change your tire on the side of the road. Instead, you can proceed to safety and take care of things away from speeding vehicles. For some automobile manufacturers, run-flat tires are standard in new vehicles.

Automated Parking

Technology that will take over the car from you to park it. The use of cameras will detect spacing of the vehicles and the system will take control of steering and braking to place the car into the spot. This system is most useful for parallel parking.

Lane-Departure Technology

This is where technology that will alarm you as a driver when your vehicle begins to deviate from its lane and/or make corrective actions to place the vehicle into the center of the marked lane. Video cameras, laser or radar are used to monitor the lane markings.
Blind Spot Detection

Even though all cars have mirrors to help with blind spots, they may not be enough. Similar to Lane-Departure Technology, Blind Spot Detection uses cameras and sensors to trigger an alarm, which can be a light and/or sound in the car, to alert you of a vehicle in your blind spot. This technology helps you change lanes safely.

Forward Collision Prevention

Similar to the two technologies listed above. Forward Collision Prevention alerts you of an imminent crash. In some vehicles, the technology will not only warn you as a driver but will activate the brakes to avoid the collision.
Adaptive Cruise Control

Using sensors, the vehicle can be set up to follow certain speed and distance parameters to the car ahead and vehicle will then automatically speed up or down to keep its parameters.

Assisted or Automated Driving

Many vehicles on roadways today use technology to assist the driver. Sort of like cruise control, activities like steering, braking, acceleration and other driver features may be done by the vehicle itself. These functions rely on cameras, radar, and sensors to operate the vehicle with very minimum driver’s interaction. Even higher levels of automation where a computer in the vehicle handles all aspects of driving and monitoring the traffic and weather conditions, with no driver decision making is within reach in the near future.


Apps are especially useful for parents who want to ensure their teens are safe on the road. There are apps like TextArrest that will lock a cell phone’s screen so no texts or emails can be sent or read while driving. Zoomsafer and Key2SafeDriving limits or restrict access to a phone, emails, texts, and calls while in a car. There are other apps like Safe Driver that will report to parents if their teenager driver is speeding or driving recklessly. These apps allow teenagers the freedom of driving, while parents maintain peace of mind.

Insurance Tracking Devices

Similar to black box on an airplane that records the pilot and plane movements, some insurance companies will let you install a device in your car that reports on your driving habits like speed and mileage. You’re typically rewarded for driving with discounts on your premium.

Of course technology doesn’t always prevent car and truck accidents. If you’ve been injured in a crash, contact us today.