After a car accident, you might ask yourself, “do I need a lawyer?” For an accident that causes an injury you probably do.

Do You Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

Do You Need a Lawyer?

You probably have many questions after a car accident. You are faced with things like:

hire a lawyer after a car accident

The last question is crucial. When you hire an attorney, they’ll help you work through all of these issues and more.

There are two possible parts to the injured party’s case:

  • a claim for bodily injuries; and
  • there may also be a claim for property damage.

Bodily Injury Accidents

Working with a legal professional is a smart idea after you suffer an injury in a car accident. He or she can help you recover the maximum amount of compensation that you deserve. Also, you may need an attorney to help you deal with the insurance company in the pre-litigation stage and navigate you through court system of the litigation phase.

More importantly, an attorney will help get you the best settlement or judgment possible. They will investigate your accident and build your case. This includes proving the fault of the negligent party, calculating your damages, and negotiating with an insurance adjuster for a fair settlement.

In California, there are many procedures and laws in places that can make a personal injury case difficult to navigate. While you have no obligation to hire an attorney, it makes things easier.

Hiring a car accident lawyer will help your claim go much smoother. An attorney knows the statute of limitations, understands vehicle codes, is familiar with terms such as “burden of proof.” They also understand which experts are needed in these types of accidents.

What’s more, an attorney can also handle the costs associated with securing the resources and experts necessary for pursuing your case. Experts’ fees can total in the hundreds or thousands of dollars, and accident reconstructions, investigations, document organization, and more all require financing and people. A law firm will have the resources that your case deserve.

Property Damage

Car accidents frequently leave vehicles with thousands of dollars worth of damage. Your insurance company may bring a subrogation claim on your behalf if necessary. The reason your insurance company files a subrogation claim is to recover damages they paid. This is typical in cases where the other driver was at fault.

This type of action is usually done between the insurance companies themselves. However, your insurance company needs your cooperation to get the facts of the case. They may also seek independent witness testimony to assist with disputed facts.

In some cases, you may even be able to recover the deductible you paid to repair damages. Understanding who is at fault for a crash, with whom to file a claim, and how much you will get in compensation can be confusing. An attorney is your advocate during the process and is there to help you understand exactly what you need to do and how to competently navigate the process.

At the same time, it may not be necessary to hire an attorney in cases when there is no insurance.

Take Action Now

The longer that you wait to hire an attorney, the harder that it may be to get the compensation you deserve. An attorney can be a valuable asset to help you recover damages for injuries. Contact us today for a free consultation.