Common Bicycle Accident Injuries in Long Beach

common bicycle accident injuriesGetting hurt in a bicycle accident in Long Beach can be devastating.

Whether you regularly use your bicycle for transportation around town or ride more leisurely, a crash can result in debilitating and even life-threatening injuries, especially when bicyclists are struck by automobiles.

According to a fact sheet from, California has one of the highest rates of bicycle accident fatalities in the country, and more and more cyclists are being killed in collisions with motor vehicles.

What are some of the most common types of injuries that people suffer in bicycle accidents?

Types of Bodily Injury in Bicycle Crashes

An article in American Family Physician cites the following as the most common injuries suffered in bicycle accidents:

Head injuries are the most common of all types of injuries, occurring in anywhere from 22 percent to 47 percent of bicycle crashes involving personal injuries. Collisions with motor vehicles are responsible for about 60 percent of all fatal bicycle injuries. Unsurprisingly, off-road cyclists have a lower rate of serious head and upper-body injuries than do on-road and urban cyclists.

Causes of Long Beach Bicycle Accident Injuries

How do most of these injuries occur? The fact sheet from lists the following as the six most frequent sources of bicycle accident injuries in Southern California and throughout the country:

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