A Left Turn Car Accident Resolved for a Total Amount of $325,000.00

The Beliz Law Firm resolved a left-hand turn car accident case for a total amount of $325,000.00. The case involved two occupants of a car, a 36-year old driver, and a 31-year old passenger. The crash took place at the intersection of Malvern Avenue and Euclid Street in the city of Anaheim. The clients were approaching the intersection with the intention to proceed straight through it. At the same time, a second driver approaching from the opposite direction proceeded to make a left turn without yielding to the on-coming traffic. The two vehicles collided, making the clients’ vehicle a total loss.

Serious Injuries

The client driver felt immediate pain in his legs. The client passenger disregarded his own injuries and helped the client driver out of the vehicle. Due to the severity of the injuries, emergency personnel took the client driver to UCI Medical Center. At the hospital, doctors performed a surgery on the client driver’s left leg. Eventually, doctors discharged the client driver from the hospital. The client moved to a rehabilitation facility to begin his long road to recovery.

The client passenger was treated for bruises and cuts at the hospital. With pains to his neck, back and shoulder, the client passenger presented to a chiropractor and physical therapist, in addition to a neurosurgeon.

The Beliz Law Firm was hired and filed a complaint against the negligent party. After a round of written discovery and the clients’ depositions, the left hand turned driver accepted liability for the crash. The Beliz retained medical experts and produced a settlement video to show the suffering the client driver experienced due to the accident. The case need two settlement conferences to resolve the case, the client driver accepted $275,000.00 and the client passenger accepted $50,000.00.