One of the most common areas of injury in a car accident is the back. Direct force may cause the injury. Or, the accident may snap the victim’s body in an unnatural position. Either way, the injuries are often serious.

back injury after a car accident

How you handle your back injury after a car accident will depend entirely on the extent of the injury. Some injuries may require taking it easier than normal (but never bed rest!) and mobility exercises. Others may require intensive surgeries and have permanent consequences, such as paralysis. In all cases, though, the following are smart steps to take if you have hurt your back in a crash–

See a Doctor

You should promptly see a doctor. Even if you’re back only hurts when in a certain position, you want to get checked out. Of course, if you need emergency attention, you will see a doctor immediately. Your doctor will diagnose your back injury using a variety of methods. These include physical examinations, x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, or other diagnostic tools.

Go to Treatment

Doctors usually prescribe the most conservative method possible to treat your back injuries. In many incidents, a doctor will first prescribe rest and pain medication. If the pains do not subside, the doctor may then send you to physical therapy or chiropractor. If the pains are more severe, your doctor may refer you out to an orthopedic or neurosurgeon. The specialist may need further diagnostic testing like an MRI of the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spines. The next most conservative treatment is a series of three epidural shots directly into the spine. The final type of treatment is surgery on the back.

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

If your doctor recommends that you refrain from lifting heavy things for two weeks, do not go to the gym and attempt to deadlift. They may also suggest that you go to physical therapy twice a week Sign up and actually attend. Your doctor tells you that you can return to your daily activities as normal, but that you should pay attention to things that cause you pain. Follow these instructions closely and go back to the doctor if necessary.

Not following your doctor’s orders is a bad idea for two reasons:
First, your doctor is an expert. If you do not follow a prescribed treatment plan, your injury may not heal as fast as it would otherwise. Second, it can cause problems with your claim. The adjuster may argue that your injuries have worsened or failed to heal as a result of your own negligence.

File a Claim and/or Lawsuit

It is important that you notify the other person’s insurance company about the accident as soon as possible. You want to open your claim right away. A demand letter states why you deserve compensation. You need to serve this to the other person’s insurance company. It must include details about your back injury. And medical evidence should support your claim.

Many back cases become very litigious due to the dispute of the causation of the injuries. Therefore, you may need to file a lawsuit in the court system so you may receive fair compensation for your injuries and pains.

Hire an Attorney

Your attorney can help you to gather the evidence that you need for pursuing a successful claim. They can write a demand letter to the insurance company and negotiate for a settlement amount. Working with an attorney improves your chances of recovering your maximum compensation award.

At The Beliz Law Firm, our knowledgeable Long Beach car accident attorneys have experience handling back injury claims. We care about helping you to get the money you deserve after a crash. Whether your back injury is severe and expected to affect you for the rest of your life, or just serious enough to cause you pain and impair you from doing household chores for a short amount of time, we can help. Write us a message to schedule a free consultation at a time that is convenient for you.

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