Driver Arrested following Chain-Reaction Crash

On Wednesday morning, a chain-reaction collision on Balboa Boulevard left debris spread for more than a block. At least four people suffered injuries in the crash involving a stolen pickup truck on a San Fernando Valley Street.

The stolen vehicle was a Toyota Tacoma, one of at least 5 vehicles involved in the crash. Also damaged in the crash was a city parks and recreation truck. Aerial views of the Lake Balboa scene, show a pickup with heavy damage, and a wrecked Honda sedan.

Witness reports say officers were in pursuit of the driver as he sped down the street. At one point, in the 6800 block of North Balboa Boulevard, the driver clipped another vehicle, starting the chain-reaction crash.

The Tacoma then flipped and collided with a second car, sending it careening toward a Subway restaurant where the vehicle stopped just short of hitting a utility pole. Witnesses commented on the deafening sound of the crash and customers in the restaurant feared the car would crash through the building.

Three people sustained serious injuries and one reported minor injuries. Two victims became trapped in their vehicles during the crash. Initial reports said one person had died, but Los Angeles police later corrected that statement. There were no fatalities.

Police arrested the driver of the Tacoma at the scene. Police also arrested the passenger who led them in a chase through a McDonald’s parking lot, the man was wanted in connection with a burglary.

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Source: NBC LA

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