Long Beach Bike Accident ClaimsYour life can change within a split second if you get injured in a bicycle accident in Long Beach. There’s the initial trauma, followed by pain and suffering as you recover. Plus, you may be out of work due to your injuries. This adds financial hardship during these difficult times. You do have options to get compensation from the responsible party, but the process can be complex. Therefore, your first step – after seeking appropriate medical care – is to hire an experienced Long Beach bicycle accident attorney. A lawyer can then guide you through these five steps for filing a claim.

1. Obtain Information from the Responsible Party

You should get the names, phone numbers, and insurance information from all drivers involved in the car crash. Don’t converse with anyone beyond the exchange of information. Do not speculate on fault or contributing factors in the incident.

2. Gather Medical Records

When filing a claim for injuries due to a bike accident, you must support your position with appropriate documentation. Collect all medical records showing the diagnosis of your condition. This includes treatments used by healthcare providers, and any documents showing your medical prognosis. In addition, if you missed work as a result of your injuries, submit your payroll information for lost wages at the time you file your claim.

3. Document Your Experience

Your own experiences after the bike accident can be useful when approaching an insurance company about a claim. Keep a journal while recovering from your injuries. Include such topics as your level of pain on a scale of 1-10, your emotional well-being, and how you’ve had to change your routine.

4. File Your Claim with the Responsible Party’s Insurer

There are forms that you need to fill out to file a claim with an insurance company. You may also include a cover letter that goes into more detail about your demand. Make sure you include the dollar figure on what you’d be willing to accept to release all claims.

5. Await the Insurance Company’s Response – and Expect to Counter

Once the insurer receives your claim, the company will process it. In most cases, you will receive a rejection or counteroffer for a lower amount. When you cannot resolve your claim with the insurance company, don’t delay in filing a lawsuit. The statute of limitations on these cases is three years in California, so you cannot recover compensation if you wait too long.

You Have a Right to Compensation for Your Injuries

File a bicycle accident claim in Long Beach

Suffering injuries in a Long Beach bicycle accident can have devastating consequences. Under California law, you have the right to compensation for your medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other losses. But it is difficult to file and claim. The insurance company may also treat you unfairly.

The key to your success is retaining a dedicated, compassionate lawyer. You need someone who will aggressively pursue your interests. At the Beliz Law Firm, our Long Beach bike accident attorneys have extensive experience handling claims and the in-depth legal knowledge necessary to obtain the highest compensation allowed by law. Please contact us online or call (562) 452-3772 today to discuss your case.

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