$300,000 Policy Limit Settlement in Dog Bite Case

The Beliz Law Firm resolved a dog bite case for the homeowner’s policy limits of $300,000.00. The client, a 25-year male, was skateboarding home after a long day of work along a public street in Compton, California. At the same time, a pit bull was able to get out of his yard through an open gate and ran towards the client. The pit bull bit the client’s inner left thigh. Luckily, the client’s training in mix martial arts came into play and the client was able to punch the dog repeatedly to get it off of him. The client’s thigh was bloody and ripped up.

A neighbor drove the client to the emergency room at Long Beach Memorial Hospital. The client had puncture wounds and a hematoma with pain levels of 10 out of 10. Before discharge, the wound was dressed and the client was given an over-the-counter medication. Five days after the dog attack, the client had to undergo a surgery procedure of an incision and drainage of a large abscess to his left thigh.

About six months after the dog bite, the client presented for a plastic surgery consultation. The doctor recommended the procedure of a scar vision but told the client to wait a year due to the severity of the wound. A neurologist also saw the client. After a thorough examination, the neurologist opined about the client’s chronic pain levels.

Reaching a Settlement

The client retained The Beliz Law Firm to bring a personal injury claim for the bodily injuries sustained in the dog bite. The Beliz Law Firm was able to gather evidence through the county’s animal control report. This information was used to contact the dog owner and homeowner. The Beliz Law Firm gathered all of the pertinent information about the facts of the dog attack and injuries to the client and delivered it the dog owner and homeowner’s insurance company. The Beliz Law Firm gave the insurance company a short amount of time to accept the policy limit offered. The insurance company accepted the policy limit offer of $300,000.