What Should You Do if You Suspect a Brain Injury from a Car Accident?

Most brain injuries stem from car crashes. They are typically caused by force, such as the skull hitting the windshield, steering wheel upon impact, or the back of the headrest. The brain may continue to move inside the head even after the impact. This can cause internal bruising or bleeding. A brain injury can occur with or without the presence of an open wound.

Brain injuries may not heal quickly. They may require various forms of treatment for many years—even for the rest of the victim’s life. Read on to learn more about the types of treatment often required for brain injuries.Treatment for a brain injury from a car accident

Initial Treatment

Immediately following the accident, the victim will most likely be given a series of tests to estimate the severity of the injury. Based on the category the victim falls in, the victim will need to begin treatment for resuscitation and stabilization.

This treatment may range from immediate surgery to relieve the pressure to rest and relaxation within a dark room until the symptoms subside. The more severe the brain injury, the more attention the victim will receive from medical professionals in the beginning.

Rehabilitative Treatment

The next level of care requires rehabilitation. This is the most important stage of the recovery process.

On a very severe case, once the patient regains consciousness, they will move to a facility to help regain physical and mental function. Less serious cases, the victim will do their resting at home and do outpatient treatments.

Either way, medical professionals will assist with safety and daily therapy. This includes appointments with neurologist, neuropsychologist, and neuropsychiatrist, in addition to diagnostic exams like MRI and CT-scan. Physical therapy may be used to restore balance, posture, and strength. Mental tests like problem-solving, puzzles, and word games may be helpful in stimulating the brain functions.

In many cases, victims will have to adapt to an altered lifestyle. Medical professionals will help in this regard. They will also focus on health and nutrition, ensuring optimal care of the patient.

On a serious brain injury case, there is also a focus on preparing the victim to return to the home. This will involve helping him or her with daily skills such as transferring in and out of bed, eating, getting dressed and personal hygiene. The victim will also need to redevelop life skills. Thing like grocery shopping, banking, and budgeting will be crucial. Hopefully, then they can return to the workforce.

Ongoing Treatment

Treatment may likely continue for many years or even the rest of the victim’s life. It can take many months or years to see an optimal recovery. Frequent doctor appointments are necessary to assess the victim’s health. They also ensure there are no secondary complications from the brain injury. The victim may require multiple medications and physical therapy on a daily basis to help with physical and mental issues caused by the brain injury.

Get Compensation for Your Brain Injury

Brain injuries can be life-threatening. Those who survive often require lifelong medical care. This can cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. If you suffered a brain injury as a result of a serious car accident, it’s important to understand your legal rights. Then, you can recover the compensation you need to pay for your expenses. The Long Beach car accident lawyers at The Beliz Law Firm can assess your case and help you recover the compensation you deserve. Contact us and schedule a consultation by calling (562) 452-3772

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