California slip and fall accident claims are complex. Getting injured in a slip, trip or fall accident is a serious matter. It is imperative that you consult with an experienced Long Beach personal injury attorney. Without an attorney, you may make mistakes following your fall. These mistakes could harm your ability to recover full and fair injury compensation.

Four Reasons Why You Need a Slip and Fall Attorney

1. Securing Evidence

A successful slip and fall accident claim requires compelling supporting evidence. Without this evidence, it will be very difficult to prove liability in your case. In most slip and fall accident cases, the defendant controls and holds the evidence. As an injured victim, you have a legal right to access this evidence for use in your legal claim. To obtain the evidence you will need to take specific action. You will also need to know how to navigate the discovery process.

2. Dealing With Insurance Adjusters

If a fall accident caused you injury, you need to remember the following important principle: The big insurance company will never look out for your best interests. The insurance company will almost always be the opposing party in your slip and fall case. Insurance adjusters are not there to help you through your personal injury claim. You cannot rely on them to look out for your best interests. Deal with the insurance company through your lawyer. They will make sure the insurance company makes your claim a priority. At The Beliz Law Firm has extensive experience handling insurance companies. We are ready to fight on your behalf for a fair settlement offer. We will not let insurance companies take advantage of you.

3. Proving Fault

You cannot recover compensation for a slip and fall injury unless you can prove that another party was at fault for your accident. In the state of California, one must establish fault by proving negligence. Negligence is the failure to exercise reasonable care. Of course, what constitutes negligence in a particular case will always vary. It depends on the specific facts involved in the dispute. Victims should work with a qualified slip and fall lawyer who has the skills and knowledge needed to help them prove liability.

4. Establishing Damages

Last, but not least, you will not be able to recover the full and fair compensation you deserve unless you can prove the extent of your losses. California law grants injured victims financial relief equivalent in value to their losses. You can seek compensation for both direct monetary losses as well as any non-economic. Remember, if you are unable to document your slip and fall accident damages, then you will not be able to recover any compensation. You need to work with a lawyer who can help you prove your losses.

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