The Beliz Law Firm settled a case for a client that was involved in a slip and fall incident where the client incurred a small, faint scar to the head. The client parked his vehicle in a parking structure. The client got out of the vehicle and opened the rear hatch to organize his work equipment. The client wanted to close up the vehicle so the client took a step back while grasphing the rear hatch door. The client’s foot and pant leg snagged onto a 3-inch metal bolt. The client lost his balance while his hand was still on the rear hatch door. The door comes straight down and struck the client’s head.

The strike caused a laceration to the client’s head. The client went to the emergency room and the visit revealed no significant damage to the client’s head. The doctors stitched the wound up.

The client had an original attorney but received zero offers from the defendants. The Beliz Law Firm signed up the client and sent the client to a plastic surgeon to determine the permanent nature of the scar.

The scar was small and faint, however the client was employed as an undercover agent in law enforcement. The Beliz Law Firm argued that the scar would compromise the client’s ability to be undercover.

Settlement negotiations happened immediately after a lawsuit was filed against the owners of the parking structure among others. Even though the client’s medical bills were under $3,400.00, the Beliz Law Firm settled the case for $34,000.00.