The Beliz Law Firm settled a negligence lawsuit against a classic car show. The client was attending a classic car show in the Inland Empire. The client entered a roadway to attain a better view of the various hot rods and muscle cars that were parading along. Unfortunately, a 1966 Ford Mustang performed a burn out and struck the client. The client was hospitalized with skull and leg fractures.

The client signed with an attorney that sent him to medical providers for back pain. The client signed with a second attorney that also sent the client to doctors for the back pain. The new attorney filed a lawsuit against the driver and the car show, among others. The driver of the Mustang did not have auto insurance for the vehicle. For over three years, there was no settlement offer from any defendant.

The Beliz Law Firm was brought into the represent the client. After reviewing the medical records and realizing there may be a traumatic brain injury, the client was sent to a neurologist, who confirmed the diagnosis of a traumatic brain injury, and other brain experts to determine the severity of the client’s injuries.

After many witness depositions regarding the facts of the case and getting a motion for summary judgment to be granted in the client’s favor, the Beliz Law Firm took the case towards trial. About a month before the case was set to go towards trial, the defendants wanted to go to mediation. In a span of 9 months, the Beliz Law Firm was able to settle the case against the classic car show and the other defendants for $126,500.00.