What is the Average Semi-Truck Accident Settlement in California?

When a car and a truck collide with each other, the crash is more likely to injure the occupants of the car than the truck driver. This is due to the sheer differences in weight and power between a semi truck and a passenger vehicle. Truck accident victims can file personal injury claims to compensate for their damages. These damages can include their medical bills, their lost wages, and their pain and suffering damages. This may include their emotional distress and need for hired domestic help while they recover.average settlement semi truck accident

Semi-Trucks Usually Carry Higher Insurance Values

In California, every passenger vehicle driver needs to carry insurance. Minimum coverage is $15,000 per person, $30,000 per incident. However, a semi-truck usually carries higher liability insurance. This is because semi trucks can cause more serious injuries in crashes. The insurance limits for semi-trucks may be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is even possible to have a seven-figure policy. Therefore only in catastrophic injury cases like death, paralyzation, or brain injury, may an injured person not be fully compensated for his or her losses in a truck crash.

Factors that Can Impact your Settlement

With your personal injury claim, you can seek compensation for your medical bills, your lost wages, and your pain and suffering.

California divides damages into two categories, general and special. Special damages come with a tangible price tag. These include your medical bills and the wages you could not earn while recovering. General damages are the less tangible expenses you face, like the cost of a permanently reduced quality of life. There is no definite way to calculate fair compensation figure for your general damages. Parties of a case will look at how the incident affects your social life with family and friends, household chores, and spousal relationships. Testimonies from loved ones, and documentation showing your ongoing need for psychological counseling to overcome the emotional distress of the injury may be used to show your general damages.

Other factors that can impact your settlement amount include:

Work with an Experienced Long Beach Truck Accident Lawyer

A collision with a semi truck may leave you severely injured. You are facing extensive medical treatment, time out of work, or even an end to your career. These, compounded by issues like emotional trauma following the accident, chronic pain in the time that follows, and past and future expenses related to the injury, may be collectable damages in a potential personal injury claim.

If the truck driver was at fault, you should seek compensation. You will need to file a personal injury claim. Contact The Beliz Law Firm today to set up your free case evaluation with an experienced truck accident lawyer.


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