What is the Average Settlement from a Slip and Fall Case in Long Beach?

slip and fall average settlementMany of our clients come to us after slipping and falling. Some of them had to go to the hospital to deal with various injuries like concussions, torn ligaments, or broken bones.

Nevertheless, many clients are worried that they shouldn’t even pursue a lawsuit because they won’t receive enough money.

This belief is misguided. Below, we will outline some of the considerations that go into determining how much your injuries are worth.

How Severe are Your Injuries?

Personal injury settlements are meant to make you “whole.” This means that you should be in the same position financially that you would have been in had your slip and fall never happened. For example, you can receive compensation for the following economic losses:

Hold onto medical bills and pay stubs that show how much money you have lost. Your personal injury lawyer will rely on this information to help determine the amount you can receive.

Calculate Intangible Injuries

In a successful slip-and-fall case, you can also receive compensation for injuries like pain and suffering or emotional distress. It’s harder to put a price tag on these injuries, but they are very real nevertheless. In general, clients often receive 1.5-5 times the amount of their economic losses in pain and suffering damages.

In settlement negotiations regarding damages, most of the dispute centers around these non-economic injuries. There really isn’t a dispute about the amount of medical bills or lost wages, but non-economic injuries don’t have a bill or receipt attached to them. An experienced personal injury lawyer can maximize your settlement by convincing an insurance adjuster to take your pain and suffering seriously. In one case, our firm settled a case for $34,000 although medical expenses were less than $3,400!

Speak with a Long Beach Slip and Fall Lawyer

The road to recovery begins with obtaining the necessary compensation for your injuries. At the Beliz Law Firm, we have experience in handling slip-and-fall clients. Reach out today to schedule a free case review.


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