How Much is My Bike Accident Injury Claim Worth?

How much is my bike accident injury claim worthWhen you’re injured in a bike accident, the impact can be life-altering. It’s likely that you’ll need immediate, urgent medical treatment. The trauma of colliding with a much larger vehicle can be serious. Long-term care may also be necessary to bring you back to health. Plus, some bike accident injury victims never fully recover. The accident can lead to a lifetime of therapy. You may not be able to work at your normal job if your injuries are severe. This can lead to financial difficulties at a time when medical bills are adding up.

California law allows you to recover compensation from the person who caused the incident through negligent conduct. The amount of your settlement or verdict depends upon the legal theory of damages. In bicycle accidents cases, they generally fall into one of two categories:

1. Economic Damages:

“Economic” damages are those supported by documentation. When determining how much your bike accident injury claim is worth, you would include:

2. Non-Economic Damages:

You would also include damages that fall in the non-economic category. These are damages where there are no receipts. They include:

A Long Beach Bike Accident Lawyer Can Help

Being involved in a bike accident is horrific. But California law protects victims by allowing them to recover losses. However, it is difficult to prove your right to compensation. It usually requires an extensive legal background in personal injury cases. When you’re up against a pushy insurance company or in court, it’s necessary to have a strong advocate at your side.

The dedicated attorneys at The Beliz Law Firm have the experience and skills to ensure you’re fully compensated for the various types of losses you sustain, so please contact us about your case. We’re available at (562) 452-3772 to answer your questions, or can schedule a case evaluation for you at our convenient Long Beach, CA location.


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