California Bicycle Laws Every Cyclist Should Know

Facts every bicyclist should knowCalifornia bike laws are included in the California Vehicle Code (CVC), which contains the state laws that determine how and where bicycles can legally ride.

In general, bicyclists have many of the same responsibilities and rights as those driving a motor vehicle.

Important Bicycle Laws in California

There are a number of important bicycle laws in California you should familiarize yourself with. These include:

How Do You Properly Make a Left Turn on a Bicycle?

The DMV’s section on California bike law and safety rules explains how to make a proper left turn. It can safely be done in one of two ways. When you approach an intersection, a bicyclist needs to look over his or her left shoulder.

If it is clear, signal to make a turn and move to the left side of the lane or use the designated left turn lane or center turn late. The other option is to stop and cross like a pedestrian in the crosswalk.

Yield to pedestrians and wait for a green light or WALK sign if there is a signal at the crossing.

You should never make a left turn on a bicycle from the right side of the roadway, even if you are traveling in a designated bike lane.

Is it illegal to ride a bike on the sidewalk in California?

The ability to legally ride a bicycle on the sidewalk is determined by individual cities and counties that determine whether or not they allow a bike on the sidewalk in California.

Retaining a California Personal Injury Attorney

In the event you’ve been in an accident on a bicycle, it’s important to get in touch with a California bike accident attorney as soon as possible. The Beliz Law Firm has years of experience handling all types of personal injury losses. Contact us at 562-452-3772 to schedule a consultation.


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