Avoid calling a California Personal Injury Law Firm this Black Friday

Avoid calling a California Personal Injury Law Firm this Black Friday

Safety tips for the biggest (and most dangerous) shopping day of the year 

California Personal Injury Law Firm black friday

It may sound like a joke, but ask ask any California personal injury law firm and they’ll tell you that Black Friday safety is not a laughing matter in the least. Every year people are injured, and even killed as a result of the massive crowds which pile into shopping malls and retail outlets across the country on the day after Thanksgiving. In fact, just last year in a mall in California, nine shoppers suffered injuries along with one elderly woman who actually had to be taken to the hospital. These injuries were as a result of trampling as an uncontrollable crowd reached for gift certificates that had been dropped from the ceiling.

The enormous crowds which are drawn into stores all over California because of amazing deals on merchandise is what makes Black Friday one of the most dangerous days of the year to be out and about. This is the reason why you need to take the necesary precautions to ensure that your Thanksgiving holiday doesn’t end with a visit to your California personal injury law firm. Here are some tips to help keep you and your fellow shoppers safe this holiday season.

If your kids are with you, keep them close

One of the biggest dangers on Black Friday is getting trampled by crowds of uncontrollable people who are try to rush to get to the item they want. This is a particular concern for the little ones, as people are less likely to see them and realize that they are putting them in danger. If you bring your kids to the stores on Black Friday, be sure to be in constant physical contact with them, holding their hand while you shop.

Why go to the stores? Shop online!

Many retailers have similar online deals online as the deals that they are featuring in the store. Plus, it’s not as if you need to receive that merchandise right away, as most of it you’re buying as Christmas presents anyways, and that’s not for another month! So grab your laptop, snuggle up on the couch, throw on a movie, and get your Black Friday shopping done from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Travel lite

If you do choose to hit the shops on Black Friday, leave your purse at home! The large Black Friday crowds are breeding grounds for pick-pockets and muggers, and a big, bulky purse filled with all of your most valuable possessions in a prime target. Instead, carry a wallet with the items you need such as your ID and credit card, but leave the rest of it at home.

Slow Down

It is exteremly temping on Black Friday to rush around the stores in order to take advantage of the sales by grabbing all of the items you want before they run out of stock. However, this is the number one way that injuries occur, and people wind up ending their shopping trip with a visit to their California personal injury law firm. Do your part to help keep everyone safe, and take your time when your shopping this Black Friday.